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Welcome to your source for stove repair information with West Covina Appliance Repair. We have all the experience and know-how we need to diagnose and solve any stove problem. If your busted stove is ruining your kitchen routine, call us to fix it!

What We Can Do For You

Our goal is to provide each of our customers with personalized appliance service and repair with the touch of a local company.

We offer:

  • Friendly customer service – as soon as you call, someone will be ready to take your information and get you started on the right path to appliance repair.
  • Convenient and flexible scheduling – We’ll work with your schedule to get to your home or location when it’s best for you, not us. If it’s an emergency, we can come right away.
  • Up-front diagnoses and quotes – Our techs will diagnose your appliance problem first, and then provide you with a written quote for all work to be done.
  • Experienced and skilled teams – Our teams of repair people come equipped with the know-how, tools, and skills to get the job done right the first time. Most of our appliance repair work can get done in one day.
  • Trust and Care – We want you to trust us as a local business serving our community. We will show you that we care by making sure you’re satisfied with the process from beginning to end.

Stove Problems

No matter if your stove is brand new or getting older, problems can and will arise. We work with stove repair cases all the time, as stoves are one of the most common appliances in our customers’ homes. If you’re having stove problems, take a look and see if you recognize it here. Whether your stove issue is on this list or not, we can help: burners not igniting, elements not heating up, clicking sound before or during operation, problems with controls, and more. No matter which brand of stove you’ve got, we can help!

Helpful Tips

One useful tip for keeping your stove running great is to keep it clean at all times. Your stove accumulates a lot of grease and grime because pots and pans boil over as you cook. Additionally, this space gets used for lots of other food prep and can get messy. Wiping your stove down with a warm, soapy rag can help keep components clean. If your burners, ignition system, or controls are too dirty, you won’t find your stove working very well at all.

Convenient Visits – Emergency Calls

There’s never a good time to have to deal with a worn out or broken down appliance. That’s why we aim to schedule convenient visits for you and  your family. We’ll work with your schedule to find the perfect time to get your appliance fixed.

You also have help by your side if your appliance breaks down in an emergency situation: a weekend, holiday, or after-hours problem. West Covina Appliance Repair offers full emergency service calls for all of our customers. Just dial our number, and we’ll be there!

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